Natural Migraine Remedies


Having a migraine can severely affect your life. Living a healthier life may seem impossible if you are plagued by headaches, as headaches are frequently caused by chronic stress.

Migraines remain undiagnosed and under-treated in at least half of patients, and because of this less than 50% of patients consult their doctor to remedy their situation. Those who suffer from this chronic condition report that half experience one or more attacks per month, and 13% claim to suffer from them weekly.In addition, depression is three times more likely to occur in patients who have migraines than those who do not.

In order to stay healthy, here are some holistic migraine treatments you can practice. These solutions will help to alleviate symptoms and leaving you feeling refreshed.

Lavender oil

Known for it’s soothing abilities, lavender is a great scent to breathe in when you need to calm your nerves. But, it is also a great home remedy for migraines! It can either be inhaled through vapor, or applied directly to the skin. If inhaling, use two to four drops for every three cups of boiling water, and directly inhale the steam. Take advantage of applying it to your temples, as lavender oil does not need to be diluted when using topically. Either application can be done every two hours or so.

Peppermint oil

This soothing remedy is great for tension headaches as it helps to control blood flow in your body with its vaso-constructing and vaso-dilating properties. Headache pain can be attributed to poor blood flow, so inhaling this oil will help open and close the vessels to get oxygen into the blood.

Diet changes

Certain foods have been linked to causing migraines and headaches including chocolate, dairy, peanut butter, avocado, meat with nitrates, red wine, and citrus fruits. Keep a food journal of how your body reacts to these, and cut them out if they are causing discomfort.

Massage and reflexology

Massaging the occipital nerve at the base of your skull can help release tensions. Also using reflexology, the process of massaging reflex points in your hands and feet has been proven to be successful in reducing stress and ending pain.

Next time you are about to take an aspirin for your headache, reach for one of these holistic remedies to make you feel like a whole new person!

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