Major Advantages of Visiting a Local Urgent Care Center

Auroa urgent care

Unfortunately, accidents are a common part of life. When someone gets hurt, it is common to think of the emergency room as where to go. However, urgent care facilities are far often the easier solution for a patient. The cost of an emergency room visit, even for a small problem, can sometimes be astronomical. In this post, you will learn the advantages offered by an urgent care facility.

  • Quick Waiting Times: One woe of visiting the emergency room is the extremely long wait times. Hospitals are facilities that never close, housing many patients. In addition, your condition may not be severe enough to qualify you for immediate treatment. Research shows that 60 percent of local urgent care facilities have less than a 15 minute wait time. First time urgent care patients are often surprised at how quickly they are seen by a medical professional.
  • Cheaper Visits for Same Treatments: In many non-life threatening situations, urgent care can treat an ailment just like a hospital will. Sometimes, patients fear that the ER is their only course of action when their doctor is out of the office. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 48 percent of adult ER patients weren?t sick enough for hospital admission. The patients in the previously mentioned study visited the ER simply because their doctor?s office was closed.
  • Wide Variety of Medical Technologies: Urgent care facilities operate much of the same medical equipment used within a hospital. Research shows that about 40 percent of urgent care centers feature computerized systems for ordering medications to viewing lab results. It is common for an urgent care clinic computer system to create and export medical coding and procedure notes.
  • In summary, there are many advantages associated with visiting a local urgent care center. Many urgent care facilities feature relatively quick waiting times. Patients will often find that the same treatment at an ER facility would cost substantially more money. A reduction in medical expenses is a big reason for the popularity of local urgent care centers. These centers often use the same innovative medical technology found in hospitals.

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