If You Think Healthy Lunches Are Boring, Read This

Healthy lunches

One of the reasons that we feel so dragged down throughout the day is a lack of proper nutrition or hydration. Either we are malnourished because our meals are made for speed, and not substance, or we are too thirsty. Drinking water can help you to replenish the moisture that you can lose simply through the act of breathing, but what about your daily nutritional intake? Having a healthy lunch is about more than just getting the right portion size. Some people make the mistake of thinking that healthy lunch ideas mean just eating a salad and feeling hungry throughout the day, but this is quite wrong. Not getting enough of certain nutrients in your diet could slow your metabolism, and artificial sweeteners could make the problem even worse. A healthy lunch should have all of the fuel that you need to face your day.

Healthy lunches differ from person to person. Many will choose to focus on the calorie amount, which is fine so long as you also include important nutrients. Having a healthy lunch that is within the 400 to 700 calorie range is often preferable for most. You can choose to include a source of protein if you prefer, but that protein should be lean. A turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat bread may not sound exciting, but a trip to your local deli could show you why eating a healthy lunch is actually eating a great lunch. Fresh cut turkey breast, instead of the preservative packed variety you will find at the grocery store, both tastes great and is good for you. Likewise, bread that does not have corn syrup in its ingredients and which uses whole grains may be tasty.

So how do you dress up your healthy lunch to make it even better? Try using whole grain mustard as an example. Not only is it healthier than mayonnaise or traditional yellow mustard, but whole grain mustard can pack a lot of flavor and spice that will turn your healthy lunch into a real winner. For a sweet addition, try a Honeycrisp apple; more than just a piece of fruit, a Honeycrisp is loaded with the right notes of tart and sweet flavors that can turn your lunch into a real experience. These healthy lunch ideas may seem simple, but eating right every day can make a difference in how you feel.

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