How to Weigh the Cost of Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of implants into the breasts. The implants can either be Allergan silicone implants or all-natural breast implants. Allergan implants are silicone outer shells filled with saline or cohesive silicone gel. Silicone breast implants come in various shapes and sizes. These implants can create either a natural or augmented look. The plastic surgeon will work with the patient to select the implant that best meets your needs and goals.

Allergan’s silicone breast implants are considered some of the safest on the market. The implants have been subject to extensive testing, are durable, and have only a few adverse reactions in patients. The all natural breast implants look and feel like real breast tissue and have an extremely low scarring or capsular contracture rate. The biggest issue with this type is that it needs to be refilled every couple of years since the saline leaks out eventually.

There are many reasons why women may choose to have breast augmentation surgery. Some women feel self-conscious about the smaller breasts, while others may feel that the breasts are too large. With this in mind, there is no specific age to get breast implants. Getting an amazing breast augmentation improves a woman’s self-esteem and body image.


In the last three years, approximately one million American women have had surgery to augment their breasts. Making the decision to have breast enhancement surgery is highly personal, but that doesn’t mean that certain factors and opinions aren’t weighed. For example, the price of breast implants is a deciding factor for many women. If you are considering the surgery, here is some information that might help you understand the associated costs.

Breast implant prices vary.

In the United States, breast enhancement surgery may cost more than $6,500 on average. The price of breast implants alone is approximately $1,000, but the surgeon’s fee varies depending on what type of implant you choose. About 28% of patients choose saline implants, and they pay about $3,500 in surgeon’s fees, while the fee for silicone implants is closer to $4,000. Where you are in the country can also have a bearing on how much you pay. According to, patients in the west pay the highest average surgeon’s fees, while those in the south central portion of the United States pay the lowest.

Remember that breast implants are not lifetime devices.

On some level, patients who choose to undergo augmentation surgery are investing in breast implants. Manufacturers do not consider the implants they make to be capable of lasting forever, although some women are lucky enough for the devices to last their entire lives. Other women, approximately one in 10, can expect to experience a rupture before 10 years is up. Other women will require additional surgeries simply because the body, including the skin and fat, are constantly in flux. Some women will want adjustments made after several years, or may wish to change the size of their implants. Therefore, the price of breast implants over the course of your life is very hard to estimate, and will depend on a number of unpredictable factors.

Do the benefits of breast augmentation outweigh the costs?

Approximately 34% of women believe that a breast augmentation or lift is responsible for an increase in the overall satisfaction they experience in their sex lives. More than 90% of women realize an increase in self-esteem, and approximately 80% of women feel that their surgery was worth it. It’s impossible to put a price tag on these benefits, because they are considered more important for some women than they are for others, and no two women will have the same experience, or feel the exact same way about the results. However, if several thousand dollars is a small price to pay, then the benefits may outweigh the costs in your case.

What do you think? Is breast augmentation worth the cost? How much would you be willing to pay? For more information see this.

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