How to Look for Great Retirement Housing

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Are you looking for affordable assisted living care for your relative? As the baby boomer generation continues to age, opportunities for assisted living become more sparse. The available space simply isn?t keeping up with the number of seniors who can no longer comfortably live by themselves.

For this reason, it?s important to start your research now — even if your parent or grandparent may not need assistance for several more years. It?s important that you have an idea when the time comes of which assisted living facilities in your area can adequately care for your relative. Here?s a few things you should keep in mind while going through the evaluation process.
Familiarity with Symptoms

Did you know that about 42% of nursing home patients suffer from some degree of dementia? It?s important that the people taking care of these individuals understand the condition as well as its associated risks. Individuals with dementia, for example, are liable to wander off and forget where they are, where they are supposed to be, or even who they are. It?s important that they are given a consistent routine to follow and have adequate supervision at all times. This is true for any condition your loved one might have; make sure the infrastructure is in place to support them there.

Degree of Care Required

Many seniors at assisted living homes are fairly independent and can still do everything from feed themselves, to clothe themselves. There is a wide variety of care levels needed at a home — some people might need fairly continuous care and assistance, while others are merely forgetful and could no longer be safely trusted around a kitchen. Make sure that any location you research has the appropriate staffing ratios for your senior?s needs. Understaffing is a continuous problem in many sectors of the nursing home industry, and it can often lead to seniors developing things like bed sores and pneumonia from a lack of proper care.

Look for a Good Overall Fit

Is your loved one a tennis lover, or more of a chess player? Often, different assisted living homes will focus on creating a particular experience for their residents. Some will offer a ton of movie nights and bonding events; others might be more focused on fitness options. Still others might be religious in nature, which can be comforting for many seniors.

Read Reviews

Not all assisted living homes are equal. Look for a location that gives you the support you need. This also means researching by checking out local reviews; keep an open mind but look for any obvious red flags, such as numerous lawsuits, etc. That’s not something you want for your senior, regardless of the price.

Are you looking for retirement housing for your loved one? Keep these tips in mind.

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