How Can Integrative Health Help You?

We’ve all read accounts of miraculous treatments of cancer, chronic pain, or other health conditions. People used herbs, tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness, massage, music, and more to mitigate damaging health conditions. Mainstream medicine is now integrating complementary or alternative treatments with traditional medical treatments to effect a new and more helpful range of treatments. The video’s Dr. Adam Perlman of the Mayo Clinic explains integrative health.

What’s Behind Integrative Medicine

The goal of integrating complementary medicine with traditional is to involve the body, mind, and soul in the healing process. Dr. Perlman calls it “optimizing the vitality.

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” Basically, it’s about healthy living kicking illness to the curb. It’s about preventing disease with fewer chemical medications through a healthy body. For example, seniors practicing yoga or tai chi watch their balance improve which prevents falls and a trip to the ER.

Why Is It Important?

The body was designed to heal itself. However, modern times mean modern illnesses that need help to heal. Physicians work together with chiropractors, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, and more to effect healing for the whole body, mind, and spirit.

The treatments might sound miraculous, but only because mainstream medical treatment needs a boost sometimes. Integrative health is about working together for the health and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.


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