How Best to Fix Teeth Gaps

Do you have gaps in your teeth? While many people find some teeth gaps to be endearing, others simply want a traditionally beautiful smile. Luckily, thanks to modern orthodontic treatments, you don’t have to live with gaps anywhere in your smile.

The orthodontist in the video below discusses the reasons for the most common tooth gaps and what people can do to fix them. If you have a gap between your two front teeth, for example, the muscle that connects your upper lip to your gums may reach lower than it typically does. Other gaps can be caused by missing adult teeth or tooth removals.

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If your tooth gap is very small, a simple plastic retainer that is made to be just a little too tight can pull the teeth together over time. Sometimes, you only have to wear it at night. This is common for patients who already had orthodontic treatments and need some extra help down the line.

For larger gaps, patients may need traditional or clear plastic braces to pull the teeth into alignment. Since all the teeth may be affected by even a single gap, they may all need to shift a little bit. An orthodontist can help you fix teeth gaps.


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