Hormone Replacement Therapy by Hormone Experts

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While some people have natural hormone disorders that require hormone replacement therapy, everyone produces less of certain key hormones as they age. Menopause and andropause can lead to underproduction of normal hormones required for healthy bodily functioning as you age, and hormone replacement therapy can be a great way to help combat some of the deleterious effects of aging. Our hormone replacement therapy experts can help you get the right hormones at the right dosage to help you start feeling better.

If you are wondering what hormones actually are, essentially they are molecules that your body produces that regulate a wide array of bodily functions. The most commonly known hormones are testosterone and estrogen. Both are produced in men and women, but men primarily depend on testosterone and women primarily rely on estrogen. As you age, your body produces less of them, which can lead to fatigue and other issues as your body does not receive enough of each to function properly.

When you are considering hormone replacement therapy for any reason, you should consult an expert. Mass produced hormones and related drugs do not work for everybody and sometimes a substitute chemical is needed for a variety of reasons, including allergies to certain drugs. Also, dosage can vary depending on your size, age, and physical makeup. We also make these drugs available in a variety of forms other than pills, like liquids or suppositories, depending on the patient’s age or other conditions. We even have flavored products for children to help them comply with their drug regimen and we work with a compounding pharmacy and others to help ensure that our patients properly comply with their treatment schedules. Hormones can be how to lose weight, but it is a somewhat risky method and requires guidance.

Even pets can need hormone replacement therapy, so we also provide customers with a pet pharmacy to help them meet all of their hormone replacement therapy needs. Whatever your personal or family member’s hormone need, we look forward to helping guide you through your hormone decisions.

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