Four Advantages of Private Drug Rehab

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If you or a loved one has ever suffered from the stronghold of addiction, you know how life-ruining it can be. Addiction robs a person of everything they are, and leaves only an empty shell of a person, that lives only to find their next hit. Addiction destroys families. Addiction destroys families.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, centers private rehab might be a solution that will provide the help that is needed. Centers private rehab offer the person struggling with drug dependence an escape from the stress factors of their normal life, and gives them the tools to reset and develop a healthy lifestyle, free of the subject of their addiction. Getting into a centers private rehab might be the single factor that frees you (or your loved one) of the burden of addiction.

You might have drug rehab centers available that can provide treatment without charging you thousands of dollars, why pay out of pocket the costs that private drug rehab centers charge? Many people assume the primary benefit of centers private rehab is just the privacy. While this is obviously a perk of going through private rehab for treatment, is it really worth the hefty price tag? If this is going through your head, make sure you consider these benefits of going through private rehab.

Four Advantages of Private Rehab

  1. A customized program approach.

    Sometimes, state-run addiction treatment programs tend to take a one-size-fits-all approach with their approach. There are principles in drug treatment that tend to be successful, but every person is a complex set of emotions, life experiences, and history that led to their addiction. For this reason, the most effective treatment for each individual is of course unique.

    The massive amount of patients that a state-run facility must intake leaves them unable to create a unique treatment plan for each person. Sometimes, the standard process is effective; sometimes patients spend decades in and out of drug treatment centers without ever really getting free of their addiction.

    Meanwhile, a private facility has the capacity to look at each case — and sometimes even interview friends and family members — to develop a treatment plan that perfectly meets the needs of the patient. This gives them the greatest chance of success.
  2. Smaller program size.

    Public treatment facilities accept anyone who needs it, leaving them at maximum capacity constantly. As soon as one patient graduates, another one is let in.

    On the other hand, privately run facilities tend to have a much smaller caseload at any given time. The smaller program size benefits the patients because each person gets more one-on-one attention with the staff and treatment coordinators. Additionally, being part of a smaller program makes it easier for the patients to bond with each others and allows the patient to break walls down and get to the nitty gritty in treatment. Many times, the relationships forged in private drug rehab are relationships that last forever. The smaller program size and the brotherhood that develops as a result supports treatment and better outcomes.

  3. Personalized attention.

    Patients in a private drug rehab are not treated like parts on an assembly line. The staff members in private drug rehab have a lower case load, and more resources to reach out to the patients, and provide thorough attention to their individual problems. Identifying the first step that led to the second step that eventually created addiction is a powerful tool in addressing it and developing skills to cope with them.

  4. An intimate setting.

    Addressing the issues that led to addiction is painful and messy. Opening up about traumatic events in a person’s life makes them feel vulnerable. It is difficult to really get to the meat of the issue if a person does not feel comfortable in their drug rehab setting. The intimate setting of a private rehab gives a patient a feeling of security, that helps them open up and deal with difficult and painful life experiences that contributed to their addiction, and makes them go back to it when they feel stressed. This factor strengthens the patient’s recovery process and helps them achieve sobriety.

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