Does Low Testosterone Affect Weight Gain?

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Has your body and mood been changing of late? If you have been experiencing significant changes in sleep patterns, fatigue, muscle weakness, decreased libido, and depression, you may have low testosterone levels.

If your asking yourself “Does low testosterone affect weight gain?”, the answer is yes, so if you can add that to the other low T symptoms listed above, it’s important to get tested as soon as possible, and begin treatment.

Here are three things you might not have known about low T levels:

1. Free testosterone is the real culprit. This is the unbonded testosterone that floats around in your blood stream and is available to bond to receptors in the brain, muscles, and other organs of the body. A lack of this type of testosterone is whats causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

2. Its natural to have low T levels. Typically, a man’s T levels will peak at around age 30 and begin to decline by one to two percent every year. It is true that there has recently been a significant spike in low T occurrences. There could be many reasons for this increase — decreased physical activity in a world where demands on men’s muscles are not what they used to be, and genetics, could be two of the main culprits.

3. Longevity might be affected by low T levels. Doctors have found that there is a link between low T levels and shorter life. This could also be due to the fact that most men with low T don’t ever get treated, or tested: 90% don’t receive treatment, and there may be 13 million American men affected by the condition.

Don’t be one of the men who doesn’t get tested!If you find yourself asking “Does low testosterone affect weight gain?” because you are seeing yourself put on weight, consider getting tested by your family doctor for low free T levels. The good news is that if you have low test levels for low T, treatment is easy and effective! Visit a local testosterone therapy clinic to get your life back.

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