Are You Ready for This Year?s Serialisation?

Track and trace solution

Serialisation is the process of tracking and tracing of prescription products through a supply chain. The serialisation process tracks a product from the beginning stages of manufacturing until the product is in the dispensing stages.

Many countries have implemented serialization of pharmaceuticals as a legal requirement. Different countries can have differing serialization procedures. In this post, you will learn how to help ensure your company is ready for this year?s serialisation.

The first tip for preparing for track and trace serialization is to start preparing early. Companies can tend to underestimate the organizational work that goes into getting ready for serialisation. It is often difficult for new businesses that enter the market in the middle of serialisation procedure time.

There are track and trace solutions that you can implement. These solutions are great for reducing both time and money spent on serialisation preparation. In many cases, cloud-based data storage is the frontrunner for companies needing fast preparation solutions.

Serialisation will call for companies to create a distinctive identifier for each individual sale of a pharmaceutical product. This increase in tracking is used to help trace prescriptions from the manufacturer all the way to a drugstore counter.

Larger supplies of pharmaceuticals will require large containers of pharmaceuticals to carry special markings. However, these changes will not go into full effect until the year 2023. However, the regulations for tracking individual sales will still need to be completed by November of 2017.

There are still companies struggling to meet all requirements before November arrives. If you are a business owner who feels overwhelmed by serialisation, there are companies that can help provide a solution.

Pharmaceutical packaging companies can ensure your business meets these regulations. In addition, these businesses can also provide pharmaceutical serialization solutions, saving your company a lot of time and effort. Cartoning is a popular packaging option due to the accuracy of labeled vials.

In closing, this year?s serialisation date is soon approaching. These regulations call for pharmaceutical companies to create unique identifiers for each and every sale. Many companies feel exhausted at trying to prepare in order to ensure full compliance.

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