Are You Looking for Ways to Block Harmful EMFs?

Laptop radiation shield

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are forces of energy that although invisible can create high levels of discomfort and anxiety to many individuals. As a result, the EMF industry has created several products that are known as ways to block EMF.
Unfortunately, all of the technologies that we rely on for our day to day conveniences also create many inconveniences as well. Everything from cell phones to microwaves and televisions to metal detectors emit EMFs. In fact, these invisible fields of energy are so prevalent that they are nearly impossible to avoid. As a result, people who suffer from some of the worst symptoms are constantly on the look out for ways to block EMF exposure. Some of the most popular methods include:
Cell phone radiation blocker. We live in a world where cell phones are omnipresent. Children as young as eight or nine and adults as old as 90 rely on cellphones to keep them in touch with their friends and family, as well as news and important announcements. Did you know, for example, that all wireless phones emit radiation 24 hours a day. In fact, they even emit radiation when they are not in use.
As a preventative measure, cell phone radiation blockers are one of many ways to block EMF. Additionally, EMF consultants recommend that cell phone users keep the majority of smart phone models at least an inch away from their face to limit radiation exposure. Unfortunately, many scientists believe this basic precaution may not be enough. Cell phone radiation protection devices, however, may provide the protection EMF sensitive people need so that they can still stay connected and receive important communications.
Laptop radiation shield. In a 2012 study, research showed that even four hours of Wi-Fi level laptop exposure can lead to decreased sperm viability. Realizing that most laptop users obviously use their technology for much more than four hours a day, a laptop radiation shield can help shield a user from these dangerous EMFs. This shield can block heat radiation, radio frequency radiation, and extremely low frequency radiation. Placing this thin protective shield underneath the laptop can serve as a reliable barrier between the technology and the user.
EMF protection jewelry. Because EMFs are so pervasive in our society, many sensitive individuals find that having several protection devices brings them more comfort and relief. EMF protection jewelry is an additional measure that some people take along with using other ways to block EMFs. Available as necklaces, wrist bands, and rings, these pieces of jewelry can be worn everyday.
Do Consumers Really Understand the Harmful Risks of EMFs?
Although consumers are often quick to embrace the newest technologies, they are sometimes slow to realize the harmful effects that these technologies can have. Investigating ways to reduce EMF exposure can contribute to the health of many sensitive individuals and their families.

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