A Beginner’s Guide to Botox

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No one wants to age, it is as simple as that. There are so many things to do to prevent visible signs of aging from happening to your face, but it does take some time and patience to see them work. If you are looking for an anti aging medical skin care treatment that will help wrinkles and fine lines in skin, Botox can be the answer.

So what exactly is Botox for face wrinkles? Here we explain everything anyone needs to know about this dermal filler treatment.

What is Botox?

Botox injections for face wrinkles are exactly that — a dermal filler injected into the skin that will help temporarily get rid of wrinkles. How it works is simple, when injected the Botox will temporarily paralyze facial muscles and smooth out the skin’s appearance. It is injected primarily into one area, and is completely safe to use all around your body.

Where can I have Botox injected?

There are plenty of medical benefits of Botox all throughout the body. This includes armpits and hands to prevent excessive sweating, temples and your neck to prevent tension headaches, your lips to prevent fine lines, and neck and decolletage to tighten up loose skin.

How long will Botox last?

While each person is different, you can expect to see results from Botox last for at least three to four months. With this in mind, it is important to remember that you do need to keep going back for injections regularly as a way to maintain the results. It only lasts this long because it takes your body around four months to regenerate muscle, so the Botox will eventually become absorbed into your system and you will see your face changing back to how it used to be before treatment.

How is the healing process?

The great thing about Botox is the fact that there is little to no downtime. After getting the treatment, you will be able to go on with your daily activities as normal. You may experience slight swelling and tenderness at the injection site, but this is completely normal and will go down in a few days.

If you are worried about aging, Botox injections for face wrinkles can be the answer. Contact a dermatologist today to talk about your different options.

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