9 Tips for a Better Ibogaine Drug Treatment Experience

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Millions of people suffer from addictions to drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death across the globe. If you are tired of the merry go round of drug or alcohol addiction, you may have decided to try an ibogaine drug treatment facility. Here are some tips to getting the most from your ibogaine therapy:

  1. Get in the right physical state. You should do what you can to stop taking drugs or using alcohol at least five days before starting your ibogaine drug treatment. This will help put you in the right physical shape to begin your treatment.
  2. Get hydrated. One problem many people have when they start their ibogaine drug treatment is that they can become a bit constipated. Being well hydrated is one way to combat this issue or to lessen the severity if you do experience it.
  3. Eat a healthy diet. One thing that many people who are dealing with an addiction do not do is eat well. As a consequence, you may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency without even knowing it. Many people who abuse alcohol have vitamin B deficiencies. If you have not been eating good, nutritious meals, you may want to start taking supplements.
  4. Bring comfortable clothing. People often find that dressing in layers is a good way to go. During the process, you may feel colder than you think you should feel or warmer. This is not a fashion show. Dress in lose fitting clothing that lets you move. This will make everything easier to get through.
  5. Focus on your recovery. Ibogaine has been found to be very useful in treating a wide variety of addictions but people have to leave the United States to get this treatment. Many people couple their stay at an ibogaine treatment center with a vacation. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is important to use the time at the ibogaine treatment facility to focus on your recovery. Let someone else handle your vacation planning and arrangements while you are focusing on getting better.
  6. Try to stay positive. While the ibogaine drug treatment itself can alleviate the issues associated with withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, the process is still hard. There are a lot of people who experience good and bad days and moments during the process. This is totally normal. When you have the bad moments, it is important to remember that they will pass. Be patient with the process and yourself. You will feel better. Knowing that can help the times when you are not feeling great.
  7. Remember, your experience is unique to you. You will see people who seem to advance through the process sooner than you do. There may also be people who take longer to get through it. All of that is normal. You cannot force the process. When you are going through the early stages of recovery, it is important to be good to yourself and not have preconceived ideas of how your recovery should go. Setting any kind of artificial schedule will only make everything more frustrating.
  8. Focus on your needs. There are not many times in our lives when we can really stop what we are doing and focus on what we need. Your time at the ibogaine drug treatment center is time you need to focus on your needs. Most of the time we feel selfish when we do this. When you fly on a plane, we are told to put our air mask on before we help anyone else. Think of this time as that. You need to take care of you before you can care for anyone else.
  9. Get ready for when you go home. It is important to recognize that recovery is not a destination, it is a journey. Your journey will not end when you leave the ibogaine facility, you need to have an aftercare plan. This means setting up a support network that will support your recovery. Many people have to really look at their lives and made a number of changes.

The process of recovering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol is a long and arduous one. Take advantage of the help you get at the ibogaine clinic.

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